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Paul Jackson Music

Thursday, 4 June 2015

#24: Projects New and Old

As planned, the remaining batch of tracks I composed and produced under the Duster Jack umbrella for last December's upload to Bandcamp have now been reassembled properly into a second digital album. As with the previous album presentation (dubbed Time To Dust) this new one (dubbed Android) has a couple of new tracks - 'Android' and 'Processor'. So regardless of any online activity that should occur around those tracks, for me it means a clearing of the decks and Duster Jack can now sit to one side while I press on with some other unfinished doodlings.

Tonic Proud is a temporary pseudonym for an album's worth of tracks I've tinkered with for a few years now and never had time to finish them properly. But when I revisited the tracks 2 or 3 years ago, I decided that every minute spent on any aspect of them - be it recording, programming, mixing, editing etc...and however far apart those minutes are, they will constitute another step in the right direction and that years down the line, eventually...they will be finished. A couple of years ago while reviewing some rough instrumental mixes, I told myself if I keep chipping away at each track, eventually, some time in the future - be it weeks, months or years - I'd be listening to fully finished versions, regardless of what becomes of them in the aftermath. 
Mixing is the part I hate the most about creating any sort of music. While painful, it is unfortunately necessary and always more  drawn out than I would like. But I think I'm at the finish line and I will give it a launch very soon.
And alongside all of that, I've been going through all the tracks I did for the Dancesounds label with the aim of remastering and recompiling them for another outlet. That work is accompanied by a mountain of admin involving track categorisation, writing blurb, filling up spreadsheets and other brain numbing exercises. Playing tracks from a rack of keyboards in the corner of a pub to a handful of bemused punters now seems such a distant memory.
A few pending musical experiments are also scribbled down on my 'want to do list' which I will pepper the various social media sites with as they progress.

For now though, you can visit the latest Duster Jack album release here and indeed the previous one.
And any Tonic Proud related news will appear here