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Paul Jackson Music

Saturday, 31 January 2015

#23: Time To Dust album

So following a trial run of releasing recent tracks as Duster Jack via Bandcamp throughout December, I've decided to widen the reach with a digital album release available in places such as iTunes, Amazon and many other cyberspace outlets. The album is made up of tracks from the recent Bandcamp set of ep's including some mix tweaks and remastering as well as two new tracks.
The album is called Time To Dust and the tracklisting is as follows:

1) Introducing
2) Gate 19 (new mix)
3) Prime Location
4) Forget Not
5) World Construct
6) Time To Dust
7) Cycle Break
8) Clipper
9) Frequency
10) Open Port
11) City Mainline
12) Endpoint

I am aiming to somehow conjure up some time to create a visual accompaniment to one of two tracks for a YouTube presence but who knows when that will happen.... Am pondering over some ideas on how to present one's own musical endeavours and may take the plunge and action these in the next week.

Anyway, expect various tweets and Facebook updates with links to where it all can be found,
In other related and not so related musical news, I've started some rough mixes for 'Tonic Proud' and I now fluctuate between hating it and thinking it might be okay with some more work. I think the enjoyment may have been zapped out of it now but will soldier on.
And I am currently working my way through the 12 albums I did for Dancesounds label which was primarily for use in dance education. Looking to compile new releases of various tracks that will be sequenced for a different mindset, i.e more for listening that functional use. Will most likely re-record, remix and rework many of them and then start releasing those.
So that should keep me out of mischief for a while.

The album is currently available at and is scheduled to appear on Amazon on Monday 2nd February. Others will follow.

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