Paul Jackson Music

Paul Jackson Music

Saturday, 23 January 2016

#30: New Year New Projects

This is me stealing a few minutes on my lunch break in a coffee shop going through some ideas for an album's worth of new tracks. 

More recently I've been tinkering with audio ideas using sequencing/synth/sampling software on my tablet which has become my trusty travel companion. But   I also like to roll back to the old school method of notebook and pen. Usually for lyrics but occasionally to jot down chord sequences, melodies and rhythm patterns. Happy to report those Aural and Transcription lessons back at Salford University weren't wasted. 
Hoping to work a bit faster on tracks this year and work a bit differently to previous projects. Instead of slaving over sequencer lines on the computer, audio editing, mixing etc, I'm aiming to record and write in a more immediate way for some project ideas I'm aiming to tackle. 
We'll see how that progresses. 

For now though, I've moved all musical output to one Bandcamp account which I'll be mainly using for everything regardless of artist pseudonym used. 

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