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Paul Jackson Music

Friday, 21 June 2013

#9: Recording Update - Track progress

Only an update on recordings this week so nothing too drawn out.
I've continued work on the "Tonic Proud" project and thought it would be a good idea to keep a record of its progress here on the blog for those interested. I'll reveal the full titles when they are near completion.

#1 ["T.C"]
A track that has been mentally building for around eight years now. I didn't have all the sounds I wanted back then so I never progressed with it. But in the last five years my musical sound palette has expanded and I can now get it closer to how I envisaged it. So I recently did a rough guide demo to build on while I work on the sounds and other musical parts.

#2 ["L.T."]
An old track I've always wanted to redo in it's original arrangement. I've started putting it together bit by bit now based on the original programming that I had kept. Whether or not I can pull off the lead part when it comes to it remains to be seen.... or heard even.

#3 ["C"]
#4 ["A"]
Both of these tracks were written in the mid nougties where I tried out rough demos. In the last few months I've reconstructed them and managed to get them nearly finished except for the lead parts.

#5 ["L.I.D."]
I finished the backing of this several years ago but haven't yet managed to write the lead part successfully. Every now and then I rewrite it in the hope that one day I'll be happy enough to record it properly.

#6 ["I"]
A version of this track was finished about nine years ago but I always had plans to expand on it. I've now more or less finished the main track except for the lead.

#7 ["D.Y.M."]
For years this was just an eight bar looped demo that I didn't know what to do with. In recent years I've added a chorus section to it and more recently I tried to rework the track. Initially it wasn't working out and I considered scrapping it. The following week I gave it another try and it started coming together so it's now a near complete backing track I'm happy with,

#8 ["A.T."]
The idea for this track was born about three or four years ago and has gradually had bits mentally added to it. However I've not yet tried doing any recording or programming for it.

#9 ["T.M."]
Another track that I've not yet started recording but have worked out an arrangement for it.

#10 ["D"]
An old track I've wanted to rework for many years now. I reprogrammed and rerecorded this in the last few months and I'm quite pleased with it.

#11 ["G"]
This track has been fully composed and arranged in my head for nearly nine years and it has never once changed or had anything added to it. But to this day I have yet to put down a single note onto the sequencer for it. So I'm quite looking forward to finally realising the original concept and hopefully capturing the sound I've had ingrained in me for so long.

So there we have it. Not too exciting or interesting to read but for those like-minded few I will update the above text from time to time. Then hopefully before the end of the year I'll upload something to listen to.